Euronickel is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably by maintaining a safe workplace, minimising environmental impacts and by supporting local communities.

This is achieved through a comprehensive risk identification and management framework supported by a system of standards and policies that are regularly reviewed to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with international best practice.

We strive for the highest standards of environmental and safety management and have achieved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management.

Health & Safety

Euronickel takes steps to continuously improve its health and safety performance with the target of creating a zero-harm workplace for employees and contractors. A key focus of our policies is the promotion of safe and healthy behaviour by our workforce in all their activities.

Key safety practices are regularly reviewed and audited to ensure ongoing compliance with laws and best practice standards. Euronickel also maintains comprehensive staff training and health monitoring programmes focussed on priority areas identified through risk assessment processes conducted by the Occupational Health and Safety team. The overall efforts of the company to create safe and healthy working environment for the employees is mirrored in the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety standard ISO 45001:2018.

Euronickel also provides preventive health care for employees through its onsite clinic and medical team who provide occupational safety training programmes as well as advice on maintaining healthy lifestyles.


Euronickel aims to meet or exceed relevant local and European environmental legislation. The plant continuously monitors its emissions and has established a comprehensive waste management system.

SO2, NOx, CO2 and dust emissions from Euronickel’s operations are in line with relevant North Macedonian and EU emission limits following significant investments, plant upgrades and improved dust suppression.

Euronickel has an A-Integrated environmental license, in line with the European IPPC directive.

Euronickel’s GOING GREEN Initiative

There is no doubt that the climate crisis is the challenge that demarcated the times we live in. Although the world recently experienced a health crisis of an unparalleled socio-economic impact, there is no grounds for any further postponement of the so much necessary climate action that aims to ensure our future as well as the future of the generations to come. Therefore, in line with EU’s ambition to reduce greenhouse emissions to 55% by 2030, since electricity is the biggest and most consumed type of energy in our production process, Euronickel determinedly commits to gradually shift to electricity from renewable resources, thus also drastically reducing our GHG emissions. Our first photovoltaic project with power capacity of 35MW is already underway with completion and commencement target date by the end of 2022.

In the meantime, when it comes to protection of the environment, our efforts to act not only reactively but also proactively, such as replacing classical fuels with bio fuels as much as possible and adapt our processes accordingly, continue.


We are committed to building and maintaining our social licence to operate through transparent and constructive, long-term relationships with all stakeholders, including our host communities.

Euronickel creates significant benefits for the community through employment, purchasing goods and services, paying taxes and royalties and investment in infrastructure, and we seek to build on this through the establishment of long-term partnerships with stakeholders.

Where possible, we work with local suppliers to ensure we create maximum benefit for local communities. Our supply chain comprises more than 1,000 domestic companies.

Euronickel provides ongoing support to the local community through projects including:

  • Financial and material donations for infrastructure projects (such as road maintenance)
  • Main sponsor of the Tikveshki Grozdober grape harvesting festival
  • Sponsorship of Alshar – bicycle and mountain climbing race
  • Sponsorship of local tournaments including football, other sports and similar events.

Euronickel is a founder of the local Kavadarci basketball club, EURONICKEL 2005, one of the leading basketball clubs in North Macedonia, as well as the basketball academy for children and youths.


Euronickel is committed to meeting the highest standards of business ethics. We seek to treat all stakeholders in a fair and transparent manner.