Process & Products


The plant is comprised of two production lines, each with a rotary kiln and an electric furnace.

Imported nickel ore is processed through various stages – crushing, drying, milling and pelletizing – before it is reduced in rotary kilns and smelted in the electric furnaces. Various refining and finishing processes are then undertaken to produce a finished product that is shipped to customers internationally.


Euronickel is committed to producing the highest quality products and has achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management certification. The ferronickel produced by Euronickel is registered under the European REACH regulation.


Euronickel produces high quality, low carbon ferronickel granules comprising approximately 20% nickel and 80% iron that are primarily used in the production of stainless steel.

Our ferronickel is shipped in bulk or in 1.8t bags from North Macedonia to major steel makers in Europe and internationally. The physical characteristics of the ferronickel granules mean that they are cost-efficient to handle and process, while remaining contamination free.


Slag produced as a by-product of Euronickel’s refining processes is available to customers around the world. Slag from the electro furnaces is used in a wide variety of applications, including the civil construction industry. Slag from our converters is used for the insulation and coating of pipelines, especially underwater pipelines, and as a sand blasting material used in the shipbuilding industry.